Final cover designs of next Erstwhile releases

Michael Pisaro/Toshiya Tsunoda 'crosshatches' (erst 066-2)
This will be perhaps my most favorite CDs from the entire Erstwhile catalog. Every time I listen to it, the music blows me away. Fantastic collaboration of the two extraordinary talents of musicians who had never worked together before. Besides the music (which is truly amazing), the CD package has a beautiful set of photographs taken by Michael Pisaro and Toshiya Tsunoda during the production.

You can listen to the short sound clips here. (Click 'Tracks')

(To be released by June 7th, 2012.)

Jason Lescalleet 'Songs About Nothing' (ErstSolo 003-2)
This Jason's solo works are also mind-blowing, in a different way.

(To be released by late June 2012.)

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