AMPLIFY 2011: stones (9/1-16)プログラム決定

Erstwhile Records主催の〈AMPLIFY 2011: stones〉が、9月1日から16日までの期間、ニューヨークの「The Stone」で開催されます。出演者並びにプログラムは、下記の通りです。米国内で開催するアーストワイル関連のフェスとしては、最大の規模になりそうです。尚、最後の3日間は、マイケル・ピサロの新レーベル〈Gravity Wave〉の1周年記念フェスティバルも兼ねています。各セットの入場料は、10ドルです(ドアチャージは全額出演者の元に行きます)。さらなる詳細につきましては、後日お知らせいたします。

□ AMPLIFY 2011: stones
(September 1-16, 2011, The Stone, NYC)

■9/1 (Thursday)
8 PM and 10 PM (two sets): Barry Chabala/Dominic Lash/Ben Owen perform Wandelweiser (featuring premieres of pieces written specifically for this night by Antoine Beuger and Michael Pisaro)

■9/2 (Friday)
8 PM: Bonnie Jones/Maria Chavez
10 PM: solo David Kirby

■9/3 (Saturday)
8 PM: Graham Lambkin/Vanessa Rossetto
10 PM: solo Olivia Block

■9/4 (Sunday)
8 PM: solo Jason Lescalleet
10 PM: solo Keith Rowe

■9/6 (Tuesday)
8 PM: David Barnes/Richard Kamerman/Graham Stephenson (three duo sets)
10 PM: solo Taku Unami

■9/7 (Wednesday)
8 PM: Keith Rowe/Taku Unami
10 PM: Joe Foster/Kevin Parks

■9/8 (Thursday)
8 PM: Toshi Nakamura/English (Joe Foster/Bonnie Jones)
10 PM: Keith Rowe/Toshi Nakamura

■9/9 (Friday)
8 PM: Radu Malfatti/Keith Rowe (composition)
10 PM: Toshi Nakamura/Taku Unami

■9/10 (Saturday)
8 PM: Radu Malfatti/Keith Rowe (improvisation)
10 PM: solo Toshi Nakamura

■9/11 (Sunday)
8 PM: solo Keith Rowe
10 PM: Radu Malfatti/Taku Unami (improvisation)

■9/13 (Tuesday)
Radu Malfatti/Michael Pisaro duo (2 sets)
8 PM: Claude Lorrain 2 (Malfatti)
10 PM: Ascending Series (6) (Pisaro)

■9/14 (Wednesday)
Gravity Wave festival (2 sets)
8PM: A cloud drifting over the plain (Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart, Barry Chabala, Dominic Lash)
10PM: Mind is moving (I and IV) (Michael Pisaro, Dominic Lash)

■9/15 (Thursday)
Gravity Wave festival (2 sets)
8PM: ricefall (2) (with melodic extensions) (Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart)
10PM: fields have ears (6) (Barry Chabala, Michael Pisaro)

■9/16 (Friday)
Gravity Wave festival (2 sets)
8PM: Reliefs series (Greg Stuart solo)
10PM: asleep, street, pipes, tones (Michael Pisaro, Katie Porter)