Chart of Michael Pisaro 'Hearing Metal 3'

As my year-end project of 2011, I made a visual chart of Michael Pisaro's 'Hearing Metal 3' from his 64-page score. It looks small here, but actually consists of 30 pages of A4 papers. You can see a bigger version here.

I made the timetable sheets with Excel first, then printed them out to fill the cells (each cell is 4 seconds unit) with color pencils by hand, then scanned them into my computer to patch them together in one big chart, using Illustrator. One thing I could not reflect in the chart was the fact that these 16 players set their cymbals on 7 different materials on the flour - tile, metal, wood, paper, ceramic, leaves, res (drum-like surface) which must affect the sounds of rice or grains falling on each material on the flour - the complexity of the sounds made by the force of gravity, rice or grains and the 7 different materials at the moments of contacts. I may try to figure out how to incorporate that into the chart, perhaps by adding some different colors under the streams of each rice/grain fall. Anyway, it was fun!