Upcoming releases on elsewhere for October 1, 2018


We are happy to announce new releases for October 1, 2018:

Jürg Frey - 120 Pieces of Sound (elsewhere 003)
(60 Pieces of Sound - performed by Laura Cetilia / Morgan Evans-Weiler / J.P.A. Falzone / Luke Martin / Jürg Frey)
(L'âme est sans retenue II - field recordings and bass clarinet, composed by Jürg Frey)

Clara de Asís - Without (elsewhere 004)
(performed by Erik Carlson / Greg Stuart)

Stefan Thut - about (elsewhere 005)
(performed by Ryoko Akama / Stephen Chase / Eleanor Cully / Patrick Farmer / Stefan Thut / Lo Wie)


(Previously announced Dante Boon - Erik Satie: Vexations is scheduled to be recorded in autumn 2019 for early 2020 release.)

(Reinier van Houdt Reads Bruno Duplant is scheduled to be recorded late this year for 2019 release.)

photo © Jill Steinberg (Erik Carlson)
photo © Stephen Harvey (Stefan Thut, Ryoko Akama, lo wie)
photo © Susanna Bolle (Jürg Frey, Ordinary Affects)