Antoine Beuger / Keine Fernen Mehr (EWR 1006/07)


Edition Wandelweiser から最近出たアントワン・ボイガーの2枚組CD「Keine Fernen Mehr」、シンプルな口笛のみの演奏なのに、耳を釘付けにする何とも言えないパワーがあって、素晴らしいです。(ライナーによると、音量をなるべく低めにして聴くのがお勧めとか。)この作品の素晴らしさを的確に言い表したレビューを海外のブログで見つけたので、リンクを貼っておきます。

◇ From Richard Pinnel's blog "The Watchful Ear"

"... it is also music that I will put on and just sit and listen to quietly, a kind of distillation of musical expression down to this most basic, refined human experience, and so a thoroughly uplifting and inspirational thing, not unlike the birds that can be heard singing every morning here, not unlike the simple beauty that poetry creates when two words are placed beside each other. For me, Keine fernen mehr portrays the very best of humankind, an antidote to the noise, to the chatter of technology, to the anger, to the cruelty that exists in the world today, two CDs that, for me, flood my surroundings with undiluted joy."